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Happy Father’s Day

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Dad buys Pebble

Pebble Beach was for sale at the time. We can all dream, Dad.

When I was nine years old, I asked my dad for a new aluminum baseball bat that I’d been eyeing for weeks at the local sporting goods store. Since this was obviously a very long time ago—depressingly long ago, in fact—it would be reasonable to wonder why I would remember this bat. Believe me, this was one sexy baseball bat.

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Yellow Water Cruise in The Aussie Outback

By | Australia, Travel | 2 Comments

CrocSignWhen the large, rickety van that would take us to the docks of the famous Yellow Water Cruise splashed through the flooded parking lot and came to a stop, our driver and soon-to-be boat captain shared this: “After last night’s rain a 15-foot crocodile was sitting right up there in a puddle in the parking lot when we came into work this morning.” Read More